When you contact us, we respond.

THis morning we received feedback through our Contact form requesting more information about how Fideliphone works. We’ve responded to that request by adding a How it Works page to try to capture that information. The page provides some basic information about how Fideliphone works, and provides a link to the Fideliphone manual for more information. We will work to expand this page with more information and screen shots over the next few weeks, but we thought that the suggestion was good and we wanted to respond to it as quickly as possible.


If you have comments about the web site, or about Fideliphone itself, please use the Contact form to give us that feedback. We’ll try to respond to reasonable requests and suggestions within two business days.



The Fideliphone Developement TEam

Programs for Live Internet Music Performance

Ross Bencina is one of the lead developers of portaudio, a cross platform audio library that Fideliphone uses to access sound cards. He also wrote and maintains AudioMulch, a software package that does a number of insanely useful things for live musicians. His home page describes all of the things he does, but for our purposes, he is a very smart and interesting guy who we’ve learned a lot from.


While we were working on reconstructing the Fideliphone web site, we decided to be more deliberate about linking to other interesting material on the web. To this end, we typed Fideliphone into google and looked at what came out.


It turns out that Ross has written a very interesting blog post that mentions Fideliphone. This is not only flattering, but it also provides a comprehensive list of Fideliphone alternatives you may want to consider if Fideliphone doesn’t meet your needs. We think it is a very interesting read and we encourage you to check it out.



The Fideliphone Development Team

Fideliphone 1.0.0-r19 Released

The Fideliphone development team is pleased to announce the release of Fideliphone version 1.0.0-r19. This version fixes a bug reported by a user where audio would shift in pitch when some conference participants are in mono and others are in stereo. Download  fideliphone-1.0.0-r19-setup.exe to install the latest version and thank you for your continued support.



The Fideliphone Developement Team

Spread The Word

The @fideliphone_com account on www.twitter.com was primarily used to announce new versions of Fideliphone. It was, therefore, linked to the fideliphone.com web site. Unfortunately, we didn’t do a good job of keeping track of the password for that account. In order to reset an account’s password, Twitter requires you to have a valid email address for that account. Unfortunately, we also didn’t do a good job of keeping track of what email address was associated with that account. It was probably an alias for some other account we use for administrative stuff and we can’t figure out what it is.

Therefore, we’ve created a new Twitter account, @fideliphonecom. Please spread the word and encourage your friends to follow @fideliphonecom on Twitter for updates on Fideliphone. Tweets are fairly infrequent, but in addition to announcing Fideliphone releases, we may post interesting links related to the broadcast or podcast industries.

The Fideliphone Development Team

The Reconstruction Effort Continues

The web site reconstruction effort continues. Today we configured several security and anti spam plugins to try to prevent the kind of intrusion that brought the site down in the first place. We’d rather be making enhancements to Fideliphone itself, but we’re sure you’ll agree that you should be able to trust the site you get Fideliphone from also.

We’ll continue to post updates on our progress as we have them. In the meantime, thank you for your patients and understanding.

The Fideliphone Development Team

Fideliphone.com Was Hacked

Over the 2012 hollidays, fideliphone.com was hacked. Dealing with this was a new experience for us. We attempted, without much success, to save the content on the site. However, this proved to be too difficult. We’ve chosen to recreate the site from scratch to make sure all signs of the intrustion are gone. Please be patient with us as we reconstruct the site.